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Recommended Companies, Services and Products

Enterprises and products the quality of which I (the site owner) know and/or with which I have made good experience.
This is, of course, a personal opinion and does not guarantee that all other persons get the same impression. And, also of course, I cannot take over any guarantee for their offerings.
If you should have other experiences (or especially good ones), please inform the webmaster (see top line) of what has happened, so that these experiences can be taken care of here.
One further note: My English in the areas where these enterprises specialize in is not perfect. So the descriptions below may look somewhat funny. Hopefully they are nevertheless understandable. Possibly compare the German description (if You understand that).

Ostertag-Plastic - Used Machines Trading - Ulrich Ostertag

Trade with used machinery - buying and selling.
The machines are functionally ok and mostly come from restructuring or modernizing of industrial plants. These are, e.g., machine-tools like lathes, milling machines, grinders, polishers, grinding machines, drills, and drilling machines, machines to process metal sheets like machines to cut, to chamfer, and to bend metal sheets, machines to produce plastic parts like injection moulding machines and extruders, and also forklift trucks and other transport machines, conveyer belts and similar things.

They buy and sell within Germany and to and from other countries, and, if wanted, also organize for transportation.

Hundesport Ostertag - Equipment for sport with dogs

Equipment for sport with dogs - designed and built with the experience of active persons in sport with dogs.

Diemwand - The Safety System for Motor Sports

Would you like that motor racing furtheron produces such severe accidents?
Then this page is not for you.

Gerhard Mueller Software Development

Help in case of problems with Linux and OS/2, in case of windows problems only limited.

You are interested in a dog or look for a puppy?

Information on Hovawart dogs: Breed society for Hovawart dogs - Germany (Rassezuchtverein für Hovawart-Hunde e.V.)


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