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Interesting Websites

Links to interesting websites for leisure and recreation.
I (the site owner) know the clubs and commercial offerings mentioned from own experience and can really recommend them.

"The" site for friends of minerals.

Hundeverein Gäufelden "Flinke Pfoten"
This club is no longer recommendable since Andy Böhme has seizured the power in 2015

ebay - german
ebay - american
ebay - english (UK)

E-Bay - "The" elektronic auction for everything.

Lernidee Adventure Travel
Very impressive (but not very cheap) voyages with good guidance (in German language),
e.g., with the transsibirian railway.

Inmaris Perestroika Sailing
Sailing onboard of one of the large sailing ships that reigned the seas before the steam ships came up, e.g., on board of the "Sedov" or the "Khersones".
As long as some of these ships still exist.

Schwaebischer Albverein
A German club for foot-traveling, nature, and folk dance.

Schwaebischer Albverein, Group Herrenberg
Club in Herrenberg/Germany for foot-traveling, nature, and folk dance.
Guests always welcome.

Verlag Reinhold Frank, previously Walter Koegler Publishing House Stuttgart
"The" german shop for folk dance music on CDs and other media.
Here you get the "best" folk dance music for the German speaking area, i.e., the music is absolutely suited for dancing.
When others (in Germany) produce as fine music you can also get it here.


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