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Gerhard and Ilse Mueller - Herrenberg/Germany

Address and Telephone

Gerhard and Ilse Mueller
Torstrasse 9
D-71083 Herrenberg

Advertising by phone or fax is unwanted!

Phone: +49-7032-992489¹ Gerhard Mueller and GmuSoft matters
+49-7032-992490¹ Ilse Mueller and all matters around dogs


The electronic mail is normally read every day, except during vacation and other absences from home.
Advertising by e-mail is unwanted!
We will not buy products of companies that advertise by means of spam-mails, via fax, or via telephone, if ever possible.

All electronic mail
except matters around dogs
Gerhard Mueller, private
ilse@mueller-herrenberg.de¹ Ilse Mueller, private
ilse@mueller-herrenberg.de¹ All matters around dogs
(e.g., Hovawart dogs)
volkstanz@mueller-herrenberg.de¹ All matters of folk dance


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